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New Year, New Roles

Tonight was one of the most fun City Council meetings I have gotten to sit for so far. Perhaps because it was short. Maybe because it was also a little unorthodox. Probably more so because I was sworn in for the full four-year term. And also, it felt great to support Dean for Council President and Evan as Vice-President. They will both do a great job. Kim did also, and I am grateful to have gotten to serve under his presidency as well. I am honored and flattered to be nominated and elected as Council Pro Tem. I can’t wait to learn more while serving the Council in this capacity.

Ralph’s contributions will also be missed; at the same time I’m excited to see Laurel join the Council and learn from her perspective as well.

I’m also excited about the annual organizational meeting and the one-year Presidency and am glad it was so well supported. I think it will be a good thing for the leadership of Council. Let me repeat, I think Dean and Evan will do a great job. They have my full support. They may both be interested in it again next year. And I hope they are. They have shown great leadership, and I know they will be great leaders in their roles. At the same time, I think this structure makes the council stronger. I also want to thank all the city staff and department heads, those there tonight and those that could not make it. You serve our city well and I thank you for that. Thank you!

I also saw board and commission members present tonight too. Thank you for your time on those boards and commissions and for coming out on a cold and windy January night!

And one last thanks, to my mom, who came to my second swearing in (she was on vacation for the first). I was so glad to see you out there and chat with you later as well.

While tonight was fun, I know there's a lot of hard work in front of us this coming year. And I look forward to working with residents, city staff, and council members to move Red Wing forward. Cheers to a New Year!

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