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A Fresh Voice Carrying Historic Red Wing into the Future

Hello Neighbor,

I’m Becky Norton, and I am asking for your vote for Red Wing’s City Council. 

For the last four years I’ve had the privilege to serve the community I live and work in. 

Over the last four years I have proven that my experience with grassroots organizations, as a single parent and head of a household, and as a teacher have helped me to lead this community well.

I have helped move this community forward in many ways. First in maintaining fiscal responsibility, understanding the budget, and advocating for stable taxes especially over the challenges of Covid-19. Second, working to move our community forward. When I ran the first time I heard from a lot of residents their concerns about Prairie Island Nuclear Plant extending their license or closing. I also heard concerns about economics in general. I took those concerns to heart and work to ensure we are building a diverse economy: support manufacturing, which will need more housing, build tourism in strong arts, culture, parks and trails, events, retail and entertainment, as well as working with our river cruises and our thriving marinas, and supporting developers and small businesses. With those concerns in mind I immediately was able to join the Prairie Island Nuclear Generating Plant committee and join the Port Authority. 

As a member I continue to hear from residents. Some have had concerns about public safety, homelessness, diversity, and their own children among many other concerns. I've taken everyone of those concerns and issues and every issue we vote on to heart and worked to lead with every individual and the whole community in mind. 

I will continue to face every decision with integrity and thoughtfulness.

Your Ward 3 Candidate,

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