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Becky's Vision for Red Wing

Why I'm Running

Red Wing needs a voice that is sensible in honoring its historic roots and moving us forward: creative solutions to balance being an affordable community while investing in our future in a sustainable way.  Red Wing deserves to be a thriving, healthy, and safe community today and tomorrow.

Qualifications and Leadership

Becky has proven her leadership and dedication in the face of some very challenging times over the last four years.

Becky has experience in leadership throughout Red Wing.  She helped to establish the Community Gardens in Red Wing.  At Minnesota State College Southeast she was faculty for 6 years and then Associate Dean for three years where she worked on grant administration and college readiness for underprepared and non-traditional students.  She has also been a member of Live Healthy Red Wing and board member of a private school. She is currently the lead teacher of the Pathways teachers at River Bluff Education Center and sits on the local Education Minnesota Union Negotiations Team.  She knows what it means to listen to others, do her research and make decisions.


A core philosophy regarding city issues is education and transparency.  She agrees that when we know better we do better.


Open communication is also vital to any healthy organization, which includes your City Council Leadership.  She’s happy to meet with any Red Wing resident on topics that are important to them and also to share her thought process as she makes decisions.

Top Priorities
Smart Spending

Also at the top of her priorities is the future of Red Wing.  Red Wing has been fortunate that Xcel has made significant investments to its Prairie Island Nuclear Generating Plant (PINGP) over the last years. These improvements have increased the taxable valuation of the facility and allowed the city to capture those tax increases and put them to work to complete a lot of infrastructure repairs that have been long overdue. Throughout this process, the city has honored its pledge to the residents not to raise the tax rate above the rate of inflation. The investment in infrastructure allows the city to respond to changes in the tax environment such as the city is experiencing now with increasing residential tax valuations and a reduction in Xcel’s total tax valuation across the state, by reducing our levy.


With PINGP’s nuclear reactor licenses set to expire in 2033/34, it is important that Red Wing work with Xcel and plan for changes to this facility.  The city of Red Wing meets regularly with representatives from PINGP as part of this ongoing process. Preparing for these changes will take leadership that is thoughtful and forward thinking. Leadership will need to prioritize capital improvement projects.  We will also need a strong partnership with Xcel to plan for impacts to Red Wing residents, infrastructure, energy production, and their commitment to reducing carbon emissions.  And we will need to work to diversify our tax base to build a strong local economy. Becky will bring a forward thinking approach that balances tax impacts investments, sustainability and stability in preparing for the future of Red Wing


Growing a Strong Community

Becky has heard from many residents about growing the right businesses in Red Wing.  Residents are looking for development along the riverfront and Old West Main and development to new larger businesses as well utilizing the land at Hwy 61 and 19.  She looks forward to working with Port Authority and Red Wing’s residents and business owners through the 2040 plan. This will also require a continued look at our housing and child care needs.


Threaded throughout Becky’s decision making process are these additional important considerations.

  • Keeping the tax impact on residents and small business owners low

  • Addressing equity issues in Red Wing

  • Supporting the excellent arts and culture of Red Wing

  • Reducing Red Wing’s impact on climate change, boosting the economy, and saving money

  • Building a thriving community into the future

  • Growing Red Wing’s tourism base: local businesses, the river, the arts, and our natural spaces.

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